Pico Systems is able to undertake a wide range of development from analogue to the latest digital circuitry.

The company has solid track record especially in built-in board development. We are developing high stability boards based on previous experience with noise and analogue signal processing in noisy situations.

It is not an exaggeration to state of our high level of software quality which produces superior system performance.

We are able to design very efficient speed enhancing systems by using C and assembler language as well as high level network programming with a wide range of processors and operating systems including Object Oriented languages. In addition we can undertake IP design by “HDL"

We are thinking of new ways to apply networking including the connectivity mobile devices with each client seeking a different solution.

Our company can build networks that are scalable so as to meet our customer's future demand.

We are able to support all aspects of networking such as Android and iPhone app data cllection and remote control systems. We are also able to offer small-scale to high availability servers for sale.

Pico Systems assist a wide range of development. Small lot products, Network systems or Mesurement systems etc.

The company has solid track record especially in embedded systems for amusement, vending and industrial machines.

Case to be connected embedded systems to the network has increased in recent years. We are offering the embedded systems work together via network.

 We also market products that we have developed ourselves that make use of our past experience while combined with reliability and practicality. You will notice that these products are of high quality and have enhanced capabilities. 

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